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Adult Closet:

For a quick seasonal closet purge, turn all the hangers around so they are hanging backwards on the rod. Mark a date on your calendar for the end of this season to purge closet. As you put clothes away, put the hangers in the right way. On the date you chose at the end of the season, you will easily see what hasn't been worn because the hanger is still backwards. Consider donating those items.


Organizing Workshops with Professional Organizer Ingrid Timbs

Get inspired, then get organized!

Would you like to learn how to win the battle against clutter, be motivated to tackle an out-of-control room, or get inspired to pursue your legacy? I'm an experienced speaker, and I'm happy to visit your women's club or organization to share my passion about getting organized, clearing the decks, and springing forward into the next phase of your life.

Workshops are typically 35 to 45 minutes. Please call to discuss opportunities for half-day workshops.

Organizing Workshop: "Piles and Files"

Are you suffocating under stacks of paper, mail, magazines, and catalogs? Are you frustrated because you can't find an important paper or phone number when you need it? Do you pay bills late because you haven't had time?

Here's what you'll take with you:

  • Gain clarity as you discover common obstacles and routines that undermine our quest for control.
  • Learn how to make stacks and piles disappear into organized material you can easily find.
  • Learn how to keep your important mail from piling up.
  • Avoid late charges by discovering simple techniques to pay your bills before they're due.
  • Receive a worksheet and tips to eliminate junk mail.
  • Get handouts and assignments to get a jump start at home.
  • Gain momentum and encouragement from other group members.

Organizing Workshop: "How to Live Well and Fulfill Your Potential"

  • Are you haunted by the feeling that you could do or be more if you could just get yourself together?
  • Do you want to make a difference, but find yourself mired in your to-do list day after day, week after week?
  • Is your spirit becoming depleted because you spend your time on mundane chores rather than working toward your dream or goal?
  • Do you yearn to leave a legacy that is wonderful and unique, but you find it difficult to just get through the day?

Organizing Workshop: "Organizing 101"

Discussion will include strategies for simplifying and organizing for a more productive day. Included will be practical, easy to use techniques to bring a sense of control and ease to complicated, busy lives.

Organizing Workshop: "Organizing for Busy Parents"

Small steps and simple techniques to help dejected dads and mangled moms make it through the day without living life like an emergency. Bonus topic: Winning ways to motivate children to help with chores, without yelling!

Organizing Workshop: "Understanding Chronic Disorganization"

Discussion will include organizing approaches and methods that are unconventional and designed for the creative personality and individuals with attention inconsistencies who continually struggle with organization.

Call me to speak with your group. Get inspired and organized!
In this workshop, you'll learn how being organized helps you direct your day, instead of your day directing you with constant distractions. Come prepared with some ideas about where you'd like to direct your creative energy. For example, this could be learning a new hobby, setting up a small business, getting involved with local politics, redecorating your home, or creating cooking classes. We'll discuss obstacles that are sure to arise and how to avoid them or, at least, overcome them with ease! You'll understand how being organized is so much more than being neat-how it allows you freedom for growth and creativity. Being organized will help you achieve your potential and live well.