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Make a list of all of the household chores that need to be done and divide them into daily, weekly and monthly items. Decide which items can be done by the children and assign chores. Then add one or two weekly chores to your daily list (Monday, dust house; Tuesday, vacuum, etc.) This cuts down on the amount of chores necessary on weekends. Do the remainder of chores as a family, with each person doing something. Keep it fun and enjoyable. Plan a family activity for when chores are done.
"I strongly recommend Ingrid Timbs for any task, no matter how challenging. She prevented my cats from starving, argued with my bank until they cancelled over $600 in unfair fees, and organized my tax records to prevent me from attending Leavenworth. In other words, you could not find a more capable or nicer person."
David C., Daytona Beach, Florida

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