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Adult Closet:

For a quick seasonal closet purge, turn all the hangers around so they are hanging backwards on the rod. Mark a date on your calendar for the end of this season to purge closet. As you put clothes away, put the hangers in the right way. On the date you chose at the end of the season, you will easily see what hasn't been worn because the hanger is still backwards. Consider donating those items.

"I strongly recommend Ingrid Timbs for any task, no matter how challenging. She prevented my cats from starving, argued with my bank until they cancelled over $600 in unfair fees, and organized my tax records to prevent me from attending Leavenworth. In other words, you could not find a more capable or nicer person."
David C., Daytona Beach, Florida

Free 10 Tips: Clear the Clutter & Gain Control for Good!

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